My friend Jill and I went to Punta Mita for a week and had a blast but had to make a quick say trip to Sayulita! We’d been talking about this venture for a long time so I’m glad to check this cute town off of my travel bucket list!

A cheaper, more rugged version of Tulum, this sleepy town has all the things a beach girl loves: yoga, jewelry, authentic Mexican decor, fashion, copal and beachfront bars! My favorite stores were Buddha Gallery & Spa, Ula Boutique, Revolucion del Sueno and Evoke The Spirit. More exciting to me than Tahitian pearls on leather however (although you KNOW I bought a few strands) were the multi-colored pom poms strung all over the town! As soon as I got back to LA I had two thoughts: 1.”I should have bought more!” and 2. “I’m going to the yarn store to make my own!”. I am doing neither but the feeling is so evocative of “vacation” and “Mexico” and “Huichol” that you just want more!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 5.07.42 PM

Photo by Sayulita Life

I cannot wait to go back!


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