Deck The Halls With Boughs of Valhalla

Last year the Hygge movement really exploded on to the scene: Cozy, clean, minimalist and hazily-whitewashed photos of home decor in blues, whites and creams. It looks beautiful and wintry and hot-cocoa-with-marshmallows yumminess-  but I AM MUCH MORE VIKING THAN THAT! I actually do come from a long line of Viking kings, House of Yngling, at Gamla Uppsala, Sweden. I am the 43rd great-grandaughter of Ragnar Lodbrok portrayed by Travis Fimmel in “Vikings” on the History Channel. Give me horns! Bones! Runes! SKÅL!


So last year I threw an impromptu GOD YUL (good yule) party where I asked everyone to dress in fur, faux fur, suede, leather and wool. It doesn’t get that cold in LA but everyone got into the theme. Vodka shots at the door, assorted meats and cheeses at the spread, fondue swimming in wine for the fun of it and of course, a roaring fire. The only thing missing was a blood sacrifice. KIDDING!

Of course with themes there are variations of dress so we were everything from Cowboy Suede Christmas to Uptown Funk Pimp & Fur to Beverly Hills Escort but Jill nailed the Viking Valhalla theme with her braids and tiny row of diamonds along her dragon head:


Of course, the Viking angle is just one side of the family tree. Wait til you see my Russian Bordello Christmas theme in full effect!


And after the parties were over, after the last guest had left, after the clean up was finished I just hygge’d  the rest of winter in my bed! 🙂


What is your Christmas decor or theme this year? I’d love to hear about it!

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