Music Monday: In the Christmas Mood

The Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  Trees, lights and tunes start cranking right before, during and after Thanksgiving. I don’t particularly mind because Christmas does bring a certain sparkle and the music, the right music, can put you in great spirit. Here are some of my favorites (click thru pic):

A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS: One of my favorite albums of ALL TIME! I spin this one first thing every year. Don’t tell anybody but I may even start playing this in November! Vince Guaraldi’s jazzy trio swings through musical emotions faster than Charlie Brown’s mood swings: you get a combo of upbeat, solemn, bittersweet and fun.

BING CROSBY WHITE CHRISTMAS: A crooner’s Christmas! This one is also a standard in my home. You get the classics “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, “White Christmas” and the beautiful “Silver Bells” as well as one of my favorite Irish or “Irish-ish” tunes “Christmas in Killarney”. We spent Christmas in Killarney two years ago and of course we sang this to one another not so silently!

A ROBERT SHAW CHRISTMAS: If part of your Christmas includes some quietude, solemnity and reverence, then “A Robert Shaw Christmas: Angels on High” is for you. Classic, sacred hymns sung by Shaw’s amazing choir of angels.

INNER VOICES CHRISTMAS HARMONY: “Inner Voices” is an a cappella group I knew nothing about before I first received this album as a stocking stuffer at a work event years ago. The vocal arrangements these talented songbirds come up with is remarkable- and the high notes by the soprano are downright mystifying.  This one also gets play every season.

RAY CONNIFF CHRISTMAS CAROLING: Wanna pretend you’re having a “Mad Men” Christmas in your swinging midcentury modern townhouse? Nothing but Ray Conniff and singers will do! Don your favorite gold block heels while you stir up a batch of chilly martinis. Swingin’!

FUNKYJENN SING TO THE ANGELS: Of course, have to end the blog post with my own album! (Plug, plug, plug). A six song EP and you get pop, jazz, gospel, a classic hymn,  folk and blues! “Just Me and The Mistletoe” features Black Crowes/Magpie Salute lead guitarist Marc Ford on this blues-rock track. Something for everyone!

What are some of your favorite Christmas albums that you enjoy throughout the holiday?

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