Winter Skincare

While LA doesn’t really have a terrible, bitter, frosty winter, we do a have dry, windy, desert climate which can lead to dehydrated, tight skin- and the Santa Anas don’t help! Here are some of my favorite products + ideas for those chilly, brisk Hollywood days (and nights!):


If you can manage to get yourself to a Korean Spa, RUN, don’t walk! My favorite is the Ladies-Only Olympic Spa. It’s small but quiet. The mugwort bath is worth the price of admission alone. It is like soaking in a hot cup of tea, only this Venus-ruled herb is good for your circulation, stress, mental health, menstrual health + digestion. Sweat out all of your toxins in the charcoal room & the salt room, then jump in the hot & cold tubs before you get your milk & honey scrub-down. You will be cleansed, scrubbed, exfoliated, moisturized, soothed and relaxed. Your skin will feel like a newborn baby! The BEST way to recharge. Give yourself HOURS for this self-love. Other choices in LA: Wi Spa, Crystal Spa, Spa Palace, Hankook and Natura. NYC: Juvenex; SF: Imperial Day Spa; Dallas: Spa Castle; Chicago: King Spa.

Photo: Natura Spa


If you can afford it, the Dr. Obaji skincare line can be miraculous. It literally sloughs off of an entire layer of skin revealing beautiful, new skin that is plump, clean and free of wrinkles. The twelve-product routine runs around $1200 but I got it down to a three or four step daily & nightly plan which included the Exfoliating Cleanser, Dual Action Scrub, TE Acne Pads and Daily Power Defense. The skin-sloughing product is the Glycogent and the brightener is the Melamin but I found  this affordable package which is a really great combo package for maintenance. If you don’t want to see the doctor for your very own prescribed plan, you can also get a facial with Liz at Obaji’s office in Beverly Hills and she can tell you exactly what you’ll need.


Two products I’m LOVING right now I discovered through the dolls at Glow Recipe. If you want “chok-chok” skin, the Korean word for “dewy”, try Make P:rem’s Radiance Peeling Sleeping Pack (Peel Me) and Make P:rem Micro-Tension Creme (Hydrate Me).  Peel Me is a gel you put on right before you sleep and it sloughs skin off while you sleep. Hydrate Me I use in the morning for lush, dew-drop skin. The moisturizer can be used underneath makeup as well giving you a radiant glow. Trying to see just the effects of Peel Me, I tried to get a pic at the same angle, same lighting, same time of day, over the course of three days. Here is the before, the day after and the day after that. No moisturizer.


The main dif between day 1 + 2 is the noticeable glow and the change on the 3rd day seemed to be smaller pores. Don’t mind the tired eyes. We’ll get to that. 🙂


Now, to be fair, I didn’t use my normal eye cream on the nights I was trying these new products so you can’t really tell in the pic above, BUT Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue Cream is by far THEE best eye cream I have ever used- and I have tried them all. The skin around the eye is very delicate the older we get the darker the circles and the heavier the bags. This eye cream helps moisturize AND seems to de-puff the eyes without getting too taut. I went from bags to no bags overnight.


For the heavy duty areas, I use the great old Aquaphor. I have a big ole tub (of what is essentially petroleum jelly) that I keep bath-side and I have a tiny tube for my purse for on-the-go cuticle & hand care. In the winter when my hands become more dry I slather my hands with Aquaphor then sleep in gloves. If Beyonce swears by it, you know it’s good!


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Other products I swear by:

What skincare products do you like to use in the winter? Tell me your secrets! I’d love to hear from you!

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