Happy Trails

All of Los Angeles County is sadly on fire right now and (fortunately) I live in the flatlands of Hollywood, about two miles down from the local range so I’m not in direct danger- but because of the 150,000 evacuations, access to fire roads and bad air quality, Angelenos have been instructed to stay off the streets and stay indoors. Of course we LOVE our outdoors here, so let me me share one of my favorite spots in LA: Fern Dell.

While most all of my friends (and celebrities) like to hike Runyon or Fryman, I prefer Fern Dell because I’m pretty sure this is where fairies, witches and hobbits hang out after hours. It is a half-mile of sprawling ferns, climbing English Ivy, California coastal redwoods and a giant Roxburgh fig tree. It’s where woodpeckers, squirrels & dragonflies live amongst the coyotes, mountain lions and deer. Of course it’s a great spot to bring your other favorite creatures as well.

It’s an easy ramble up the hill to get to a beautiful overlook (Western Canyon) or you can keep walking up to The Griffith Observatory.


Of course, my favorite park of this hike (no matter what season) is ending the morning hike or the afternoon ramble at Trails Cafe. This charming this al fresco tea hut serves up strawberry rhubarb pie, vegan peach pie, lavender shortbread, coconut cardamom scones and my favorite veggie/hippie/70’s sprout sandwich in all of Los Angeles!

I always like to think of this trail as my own secret spot but of course it is beloved my many and I hope to get back to it soon. Have you been to Fern Dell? Do you love it? What are some of your other favorite trails?

In closing, with many friends having to leave their homes and friends of friends having lost their homes, please keep our beloved state in your prayers.

Art by Annie Galvan

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