LA to Wimbledon 2017

Well, it seems I’m a terrible blogger! You’re supposed to write in the moment or in advance. Here I’m catching you up two weeks later- although truth be told I needed the rest! Since when do you know me to get at 6am? (JETLAG).

So on Christmas Day, Stefani and I met up at Tom Bradley International for cocktails and a jet plane.


It was my first time flying Air New Zealand and I have to say the free cocktails definitely helped make the flight go faster! I was able to sleep on the overnight flight (which I never do) and woke up in London! John sent a car for us which was such a relief. The tube is fine with a carry-on but with these big bags- Addison Lee to the rescue!


Our driver got us to Wimbledon lickety-split (much to the disagreement of Stefani’s stomach!) and effervescent Blake wanted to go on the Annual Boxing Day Walk in Richmond Park. I had one of two decisions: 1) sleep off my cold and crash in bed right then & there or 2) suck it up, layer up and get on out in to the cold, fresh, brisk London air! We opted for the walk- which I love. Richmond Park was the royal hunting ground for King Edward, Charles 1 and Henry VII. You can read more about the history here. It is still so quintessentially British: wild, roaming deer leaping across the hillsides, men in Barbour walking their Labradors, children in Hunter’s stomping in puddles. I love this park and it’s a great annual tradition. Plus Ian Dury has a bench here at Poet’s Corner!

For pre-dinner drinks we started at Dog & Fox then went across the street to The Ivy Cafe for dinner. I believe this is a chain but it was delicious and warm and beautifully decorated. A perfect Boxing Day!

On the 27th, Stefani went in to London to meet up with friends and I kicked it with Blake in Wimbledon. We got to do two of my favorite things: 1) eat lunch at Wagamama’s -seriously, I don’t know why we don’t have one in LA!- and 2) shop at Ely’s! Ely’s is this weird little department store that is the definition of hi-lo. You can get cheap, plastic tiaras or a $1000 Aspinal handbag. You can get $60 Converse kicks or a $500 pair of Dubarry’s. Two things I always look for here is FitFlop Boots (my favorite) and Emma Bridewater’s latest designs. I love my big ass Union Jack pint mug and love her other designs too. Below is the Love & Kisses mug. So sweet. IMG_20171227_192342_066IMG_20171227_220626_750

I had my eye on this adorable fleece-lines Ilse Jacobsen 3/4 length raincoat as it was over half-off (you can’t beat a good sale!) but Blake ended up beating me to the punch and bought for me as gift. So sweet! Not that I’ll get many chances to wear in in LA but it’s the perfect packable, weatherproof jacket. I will get lots of wear out of this one!


Next up, our trip to York… 😮

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