Spring Cleaning!

Ok, I have to say I just LOVE Spring Cleaning! This is easy for me to say because I don’t live in a huge house, my closets are compact to begin with, I have no kids or their toys strewn about and I have a housekeeper who comes weekly- who washes, irons, folds and puts away all of my laundry- SO YES I MAY BE THE EXCEPTION(!) but there is no clean like a good spring clean!

“it’s just a spring clean for the May queen” ~ Led Zeppelin

Charles Daniel Ward, The Progress of Spring


As a child my Mom would make me dust and vacuum every weekend after Saturday morning cartoons were finished but the thought of the annual Wall and Baseboard Washing Ritual was just torture. Now, I LOVE IT! The trick is to take it room by room and do what you can with what time you have. Apartment Therapy has a great tool to use that breaks it down, if you have only 1 day, 1 hour, 10 minutes, or even one minute. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It actually feels so good when you’ve accomplished these tasks! Here are a few ideas for your Spring Clean:


  • Clean or replace door mat
  • Donate jackets, clothes, knick-knacks you don’t need
  • Vacuum baseboards
  • Vacuum lampshades, dust lightbulbs, light fixtures
  • Disinfect door handles
  • Wash baseboards


  • Dust + vacuum everything: rugs, lamps, bulbs, art, decor, couch
  • Wash or replace curtains- this is a great time to swap colors for fresher, lighter decor
  • Vacuum vents, change or vacuum air filters, baseboards
  • Donate toys, donate books, recycle magazines
  • Wash baseboards


  • Dust + vacuum shelves, art, decor
  • Go through paperwork, shred taxes over 7 years old, shred old bills, correspondence
  • Clean out that junk drawer
  • Throw out old pens
  • Wipe down electronics, door handles, light switches, outlet covers
  • Vacuum + wash baseboards


  • Wipe down door handles, outlet covers, toilet seat handle
  • Wrap shower head in a bag filled with vinegar, tie with a rubber band, let sit overnight
  • Remove all lotions, potions and all other items from shelves, discard what you don’t need/don’t use, wash shelves, re-line liner paper
  • Discard old medication
  • Change shower liner
  • Add new bleach/toilet tablet
  • Wash cabinets + baseboards


  • Get rid of old sheets
  • Recycle/reuse old towels
  • Donate old blankets to an animal shelter
  • Wash down shelving
  • Use shelf dividers to keep linens organized


  • Clean out the closets- donate or sell
  • Dust everything
  • Vacuum/wipe down lights/lampshades/bulbs
  • Wipe down door handles
  • Dust vents/blinds
  • Change or wash curtains
  • Flip the mattress!!
  • Change smoke detector batteries
  • Vacuum & wash baseboards


  • Donate old linens, table cloths, runners, seasonal decor, napkin rings
  • Donate or sell glassware/crystal, plates- anything taking up too much room
  • Polish silver
  • Wash outlet covers
  • Wash chandelier and any crystal + wash baseboards
  • Vacuum + wash baseboards


  • Clean out + wash shelves, recycle old containers/Tupperware
  • Toss old spices, restock your pantry
  • Organize your pantry
  • Clean out the junk drawer
  • Clean out refrigerator + freezer, toss expired foods
  • Wipe down microwave, fridge, walls, oven & baseboards with baking soda & vinegar mix
  • Unplug fridge & oven and vacuum behind fixtures
  • Wipe down backsplash
  • Bleach sink, then wait a day before you:
  • Use baking soda + vinegar mixture down sink, pour boiling hot water to break down any food particles
  • Donate old cookbooks
  • Free up counter space
  • Vacuum & wash baseboards


In every room: dust, vacuum, wash your baseboards then mop.  Wash windows indoor and out. Top to bottom! I am not a big fan of chemical smells like “fake pine” as I prefer a good natural clean but be careful if you use your own essential oils- some of these can be deadly to pets, even through their tiny paws. I have found products like The Better Life or Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day work wonders and are non-toxic to boot. I have no problem using bleach but I have yet to find a natural window cleaner I like- but vinegar will work in a pinch and I particularly LOVE the Scented Vinegar from The Laundress. A thousand and one uses and it smells so much better than plain ole white vinegar.

Of course, nothing smells better than nature itself, so lighten up your dining room table with spring daffodils, Easter lilies are perfect for the living room, some fresh rosemary & thyme for the kitchen and sweet lavender in the bedroom!


On a deeper level, sage that shit, out with the old, turn over a new leaf. Work with what’s working and get rid of that which isn’t- that includes a bad job, a bad relationship, bad people or bad energy. Clean the house, sage yourself, cut cords, work out, eat right, love hard, praise people, sing out loud, balance the checkbook- you will now be well on your way to a great summer! K.I.T!


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