Good Health!

I write this blog as I’m suffering now on my 3rd week of bronchitis. I’m finally attacking it at all costs (steroids, inhalers, antibiotics)- but there’s nothing like a detestable weakness in your immune system to make you appreciate healthy lungs, a good sweat and heart health!

Before this bout, I was on a really good health kick, er, lifestyle change. I can’t pinpoint a time or a place but I’ve become inspired to live a healthier life, to be a healthier person.

Working out 5-6 times a week on the Elliptical or treadmill, rotating cardio in with legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back & abs. I was doing fine on my own- and it was better than my traditionally luxurious sloth-like ways- but knew I had to step up my game. I have goals to attain!

First, I took pictures. None you will see on here! And I knew I had fat, and there’s a lot here to lose, but what kept bothering me the most was that I looked bloated. It wasn’t the lower belly/beer belly fat that most people get, it was the upper abdomen distention that was really bothering me. I knew I was it inflammation and I needed to get a handle on it. Ideal Bodies Nutrition to the rescue!

Christy Kendall bases her practice on muscle testing/Chinese acupressure- seeing what the body can or cannot handle. For me, my adrenals and liver were working overtime and my small intestine was barely functioning- hence the inflammation. I’m taking supplements to balance these out for now but the idea is to get the right whole foods to where I’m not having to take supplements anymore. But, baby steps.

The biggest diet change for me is no dairy, no corn (fructose, glucose, any ‘ose’), and no grains. This has been the most interesting ride because there is nothing I love more than a good sandwich but it has been surprisingly easy. Here in LA we have SOOOO many options for healthy living and for those outside of LA, you’ve got Amazon!

Every day I make the choice to opt for the healthy option as opposed to the quick fix. When you work in TV and your craft service choices are pizza, quesadillas, dips, chips, pretzels, fried chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese sandwiches, turkey melts, cookies, nachos, eggs with cheese, breakfast burritos, doughnuts, candies, popcorn, sandwiches, empanadas, you don’t have an option. See that apple? My best friend.


My next step was to see the nutritionist Kevin Smith at Ideal Bodies Nutrition. Kevin gave me a great outline as to what to eat, when to eat it and in what “doses”. Basically, for my body and my goals I need to eat a lot of veggies, little protein, few starches, no carbs. Specific vegetables and fruits were listed for me. No bananas!? WHAT? I LOVE bananas!

Finally, before this terrible bronchitis kicked in, I just started working out with Open Sky Fitness. You can sign up for Rob’s course from anywhere. He gives you the videos, outlines, tips you need for a HIIT, cardio, ab workout that works every part of your body- and the best part is, you work out from 12 to 20 minutes and you’re dripping sweat. An effective workout as anything! I was feeling stronger, better, tighter. But for now, I rest.

37102552_10157011495631874_253678944803356672_oSince last year some time, I’ve lost about 20 pounds. About 1 pound a week since I’ve started with Christy & Rob. I can’t wait til it starts kicking into 2 pounds a week. Let’s GO, body! Let’s GO!  I love to sweat! I cannot wait to get back to feeling my good lungs again. I love to drip in a circle of sweat. I am so ready to kick some ass. Losing weight, feeling sexy and heart health are my continued goals. What are your goals for the next four months? Til all those Christmas goodies and cozy winter meals kick in?

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